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Wait, absorbing fewer calories eating cold avocado toast?

         Thursday Edition | July 9, 2020

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  • Calories and Weight-loss Uncovered
    If you have the time to do some deeper thinking, here’s one of the better food essays ever written by Peter Wilson titled “The Death of the Calorie.” He examines the world’s obsession with the calorie as it relates to all things health and weight-loss, and bravely tackles the idea that it might not be the end all be all that’s it cracked up to be.


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    It also includes some generally interesting factoids…Did you know you absorb fewer calories eating toast if it has been left to go cold?

    Food essay by Peter Wilson “The Death of the Calorie”

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  • At-Home Chipotle
    Chipotle, which has never exactly been the pinnacle of cleanliness (TBT to them getting slapped with the largest fine in food sanitation history a few months ago), is still insanely popular, mostly because it’s really good.

    Try to build your own bowl with turkey instead. Turkey is an excellent meat source given its low-fat/high-protein quality, and is very high in selenium, which strengthens the immune system by warding off health-damaging viruses. (Not a bad time for that, especially if Trump’s suggestion to drink bleach hasn’t worked out for your immune system yet).

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  • Premium Nike Training Club app, Free right now!
    Nike has recently offered up the premium version of their Nike Training Club app for free, as a treat to those getting angsty during the quarantine or back in quarantine after these first reopenings went pretty poorly. This is a relatively extensive and informative fitness app that would’ve cost you a small chunk of change a few months ago. They do a solid job of providing a useful resource for people of all training levels.

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