The Best Workout to Slow Aging, According to Science

Every few weeks we come across the fountain of youth in the form of an online article claiming to have hacked the secrets of life, aging, and longevity through exercise. Two days ago, we had a new contestant throw her hat into the ring, with a breakdown of the Best Workout to Slow Again and Promote Longevity.

Photo Credit: eatthis.

Tl:dr – 7.5 hours of aerobic exercise per week will provide a greater benefit than the recommended 150 minutes, and HIIT (High Intensity Exercise Training) is a critical staple towards moving well, feeling great, and being healthy.

It’s difficult to argue with anything the author writes here. The “guidelines” for exercise are indeed an incredibly low bar to clear. HIIT will have a correlation to mortality and overall wellness, similar to results we’ve seen from strength training into your later adulthood.

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