The Decline of Testosterone in Western Culture

It seems that older generations love nothing more than calling younger generations “soft.” The NBA used to be much tougher, people used to work much harder, and your grandpa used to walk uphill to school, both ways. The world isn’t as hard a place as it once was.

What we sometimes think of as old man yelling at clouds may actually have a lot of scientific basis – western society has seen a terrifying drop in testosterone levels among young adults over the last few decades.

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Testosterone levels are at all-time lows, sperm count has decreased pretty steadily for the last few decades, men (and women) are struggling with fertility and the ability to reproduce naturally, and men across the world are dying sooner than women. 

We talk about obesity, heart disease, covid-19, and types of cancer at length, but we are at the point where the decline in male testosterone and fertility can be considered a health crisis. The rise in obesity hasn’t helped these numbers. Our drinking water is full of toxic heavy metals. Our diets have deteriorated almost to the point of no return when you look at the widespread consumption of processed foods and seed oils. Microplastics are wreaking havoc on male reproductive ability – all of this is to say that unless changes are made, the ability to reproduce could become a very very difficult endeavor for people over the next few decades.

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