Mental Fitness with Serena Williams

About a week ago, Serena Williams announced her retirement from the sport of tennis, marking the end of her career as one of the most dominant tennis players, and athletes, of all time.

While her retirement announcement created its own headlines as Serena discussed her distaste for the word “retirement” (she prefers to think of this as an “evolution”), the decision to grow her family instead of focusing on tennis, and the fact that a male athlete would never have to decide between the two, she also popped up in the news recently with her discussion on mental fitness, and the necessity of every once in a while taking a break, and shutting things down completely.

Photo Credit: Connectradio.

In a fitness world that is defined by action – to be healthier we must move often, run longer miles, and lift heavier weights, it’s interesting (and critical) to take moments to think about the mental aspect of all of this activity. Even today’s quote by the beloved Jerry Seinfield speaks to this idea that we have to move constantly, for without movement there is no progress, and while the comedian isn’t necessarily “wrong” in his quote, there are times and moments where life is best lived shut down and turned off.

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