Precision Nutrition and Transforming Your Diet

Precision Nutrition (a part of a larger movement towards “Precision Health”) is the idea that there is no “one size fits all” approach to dieting and eating. This movement, having picked up steam in the last decade or so, in no small part to the work and efforts of former President Barack Obama, and his wife, Michelle, is redefining the standards by which many people and institutions view health and diet.

Photo Credit: Forbes.

In his Forbes article, Bruce Y. Lee discusses this shift that “seeks to better tailor dietary recommendations and nutritional guidelines to different people’s characteristics and circumstances in a way that improves health.” This move away from cookie-cutter diets does not come without its complexities, and the viability of this more specific, almost personalized approach to eating has been called into question. Precision nutrition also calls upon people to understand their biology, history, behaviors, social situations, environment, and even economic standing in order to tailor the proper approach. The “one size fits all” approach to dieting may not be effective in result, but it is simplistic in practice, whereas precision nutrition demands a bit more thoughtfulness and intention. A few moments of critical thinking up front for a lifetime of better health – is it worth it?

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