Daily Weigh-ins to Lose More Weight

The question of how often one should weigh him or herself when trying to lose weight is an important, albeit contested one. Some argue for daily weigh-ins, while others think this creates too much pressure and stress in too short a time frame, opting for weekly trips to the scale. One thing most people agree upon is that the setting, or time of day, of the weigh-in should remain consistent.

So what does the research say?

photo by heart.org

On average, people who weigh themselves every day do in fact lose more weight than those who stick to weekly weigh-ins. Does that mean it’s appropriate for everyone to do so? Probably not. But do daily weigh-ins serve to build an environment where people are more mindful and nuanced in their health decisions because they know they have the accountability of the scale staring them down every single day? Probably.

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