10 Ways to Strengthen the Lower Back

Most people pay more attention to working the muscles they can see (chest, shoulders, arms, abs, and quads) than the ones they can’t (posterior chain and back). Even when people train their backs, most of the effort is focused on the lats and middle/upper back areas. The amount of time we spend each day in chairs does our lower backs no good on top of all of this, so it’s no mystery why lower back issues are affecting more and more adults than ever before.

photo from myupchar

Strengthening the lower back is a pretty good solution for any number of health / fitness problems you may be having. It will lead to increased strength, more stable joints, better posture, and improved breathing mechanics, to name a few. Barbend’s “10 Best Lower Back Exercises for Stability and Strength” offers a solid mix of bodyweight and resistance based exercises to get you started.

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