VivoBarefoot, Wider Toe Boxes, and the No-Shoe Movement

“26 bones, 33 joints, over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. Your feet are amazing…Since apes started walking on two feet, millions of years ago, evolution’s intelligence has fine-tuned our anatomy. Why mess with it? Padded, narrow trainers and shoes do exactly that.”

Photo from vivobarefoot

Invoking millions of years of evolution makes for as good a sales pitch as I’ll hear today. VivoBarefoot’s shoes range from athletic trainers to sandals to hiking boots, with everything in between for men, women, and kids, and offer our feet the opportunity to move and function a bit more freely – resulting in more flexibility, balance, and functional strength. The wider toe box and lack of padded elevation is as close to barefoot as you can get while still wearing a shoe.

VivoBarefoot receives the latest official “The Fresh Squeeze Stamp of Approval.” 

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