Powdered Peanut Butter Review

Powdered peanut butter is the next in a long line of “healthy” alternatives to our beloved foods, snacks, and desserts. In the case of many peanut butter powders however, “healthy” is synonymous with “lower calorie.” Peanut butter itself isn’t inherently “unhealthy” per se – it’s probably one of the foods that exists in the confusing gray area.

Photo Credit: healthline.

But powdered peanut butter is gaining in popularity. It’s made by pressing the oil out of the regular butter and then grinding up the remaining nuts. The powder can then be added to your shakes and meals for flavor, or combined with water to form a paste. The result is a concoction that looks, smells, and tastes a bit close enough to regular peanut butter, with a fraction of the calories and fat found in the original.

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